While we’re walking on the edge of a knife,
I just wish my choices were better in life.
Hope i did reflect my mistakes to shine,
Late, but I’m doomed for good this time.

If I’m lucky to see another beautiful morning,
I would grab the sunshine to soak all in.
I would hug my family and give them a kiss,
I would tell my friends how much I miss.

If I get another forgiveness and God’s glory,
I would go around to everyone and say sorry.
Everyone I didn’t treat well unconditionally,
Everyone that needed help & were needy.

If I can get to see the golden sunrise again,
I will forgive everyone that gave me the pain.
If they don’t realize mistakes and say sorry,
I would still forgive & create a better story.

If God blesses me with yet another chance,
I will do my best to keep my life in balance.
I will choose simplicity and respect nature,
Promise, I wont just chase my heart’s desire.

If I don’t make it this time and survive,
Praying all of you stay united and thrive.
Don’t divide people for their beliefs or color,
Stop killing each other for gain or power.