In the moments of weakness I was out of my mind
Dark clouds took out all the lights and had me blind
I didn’t care what’s right or what’s wrong
Just wanted to forget my misery and sing a happy song

It pushed me through in the middle of a storm
Strong wind blew everything and left me torn
I needed help to make it through the dark nights
Every night I couldn’t wait for another morning light

I was walking with dark clouds hanging on my head
Peace was a long gone ship that already have sailed
I was trying to content with a past that I really regret
It’s hard to deal with my ghosts while trying to forget

I was overwhelmed with blames and got lot of hell
Made up stories and rumors never rang the bell
I didn’t want to stay trapped in the past for too long
Tomorrow is uncertain but past should be dead and gone

I already said goodbye to all darkness
Said goodbye to gray skies and to all sadness
Cant wait for the beginning of a brand new day
Hoping it will be a bright shiny day!