When the world around us is upside-down,
Who cares about power and position.
We’ve seen enough from fake elite class,
don’t need a slice of the FIVE STAR Life.

Cigar, liquor and efforts to get hooked up,
Gossips and rumors that don’t really add up.
I will never fawn on to get in and get me far,
I’ve never been a typical fan follower.

I have been singing solo for so long,
I don’t mind being a rolling stone.
I don’t need a band to play guitar or piano,
I will be there alone with my own shadow.
I’ve always been kind of a solo star,
I don’t wanna be a part of an elite boys club.

I wasn’t raised in a mansion,
Things I have are not handed down.
I don’t wear Rolex or drive Lamborghini,
There isn’t anything priceless that I carry.

I set out on a narrow path many years ago,
Was tired of all fake perfect life and ego.
I’ve always been kinda odd and weird,
don’t wanna be a part of an elite boys club.