I was like a boat stuck in a bottle,
so lost in a crowd, one in a billion.
I was like a stressed out star in the sky,
lost my own brightness and saw everyone else shine.

I was feeling down and hanging my head low,
couldn’t find excitement and losing my halo.
I wanted to stay in the dark and shy away from light,
you’ve stolen all the daylight brought right into my heart.

You gave hope and showed me how to dream,
you taught me how to walk in the rain.
During bad times you kept your arms around me,
you made me better than what I possibly could be.

You preferred a home with a crowded table,
Enjoy kids and life while we’re young and able.
I know we are not perfect by any means,
But we are learning how to work as a team.

You know how to hold when someone is falling,
you become mountain when duties are calling.
you keep us together with love and affection,
Love our family with or without perfection.