Sun goes down at the end of the day and light disappears,
Time slips away and nothing lasts forever.
Strange feelings keep me awake and I wonder,
There would be a time I would give up and surrender.
Like a dust in the wind, eventually, I will fly away,
Light will guide me to the strange house and I will go away.

It may bring you down to your knees,
You may feel lost in the middle of a sea.
Tears may come streaming down your face,
It’s hard to overcome a tragedy at a normal pace.
Dust eventually settles down and sun will shine again,
You will receive a warm embrace and sparks in your vain.

I don’t want you to stay in debris by the end of my hurricane,
You will find new wind for your boat to sail again.
Someone that will turn your world around,
Bring you up stronger when you’re feeling down.

You wont need my shoulder to rest your head on,
During bad times you may find me in spirit and lean on.
Nothing could change what you mean to me,
Hope you won’t forget and still remember me.