Sometimes you look like a lighthouse at night,
A little lonely yet shining very bright.
I just keep following your light as direction
Through the darkness, I can still see your reflection.

You don’t look like someone who walks away so easily
You are here to stay and make a difference deeply.
I felt something while passing you by sadly
Will you feel lonely and forget me eventually?

Sometimes you seem like a hurricane
Hard to avoid you as all my efforts go in vain.
I try but can’t find any safe place to hide
As I have been swimming in your ocean with waves and tides.

I try to board up the windows and lock my door
The wind starts howling on the inside and leaves me on the floor.
My heart fails to avoid all the storms and rains
Hope I won’t be the debris caused by your hurricane.

Sometimes you feel like a deep, deep ocean,
You are so beautiful, blue, inviting me wide open.
Even though I’m always a little afraid of drowning,
All I want is to swim in you and dive all in.

You’re relentless and your waves keep crashing in,
Your hand reaching out to pull me all in.
I’m not resisting and gave up fighting as the deeper I fall,
I’m so tired of the shore and I’m risking it all,