I still remember that beautiful morning,
God blessed us with a gift and a new beginning.
you looked like an angel glowing in lights,
face full of grace and heaven in your eyes.
they just didn’t place you in my arm,
you, instantly, cuddled right into my heart.

You were so soft, warm, beautiful and tiny,
I had to add a small pillow under you to carry.
your baby smile used to beam like sunshine,
you instantly became the center of all my attention.
you had me wrapped around your little finger,
you were a bundle of joy that made me happier.

Now you’ve grown with a heart full of gold,
words can never define your kind soul.
the brightness of your smile brings joy to my life,
it keeps my heart melting for miles and miles.
you light up a room with your presence,
I pray, your powerful writings world will embrace.

One day a boy will ask me for your hand,
it would be the toughest test for this old man.
I would only say yes if he has a kind heart,
but. to me, he would never be good enough.
you’re my treasure that no one can take away,
you will remain in my heart forever anyway.

Life is a tough journey, you have a long way to go,
chase all your dreams but always know.
only let hard-work and ethics take you distance,
don’t settle for anything short of excellence.
climb as many mountains as you can climb,
but always remember to stay humble and kind.