You could break down now and you could cry,
Or, try to prove an innocent mentally unstable and deny.
Nothing gonna work as you played with fire,
You will eventually drown with all your burning desire.
We don’t need your shiny fake presence to feel alright,
We would stand out in the rain without you by our side.

It’s time to retrospect how many bridges you burned,
What did you gain with all the rumors you spread & shunned?
You created false impressions and destroyed people’s reputations,
You didn’t even spare kids and played with their emotions.
You are hungry for fake power, fame and money,
Never realized how you were leaving your negative legacy.

For a long time, you tried to draw lines in the sand,
Forced us to count them on both hands.
Try to unbreak all the hearts you broke,
Try to unspread all the rumors you did spread.
Hope you realize all wrongdoing and shed a few tears,
Hope you find God on your journey and have some fears.