You are a venomous emotion,
You are an act of self destruction.
You play with many vulnerable minds,
And making them fool and unkind.

You are indeed a cruelest kind,
Any moment could poison any mind.
You make brains cloudy with anger,
make people unable to think clear.

You are a silent pain,
that flows through the clogged vein.
You sting and burn on the inside,
But the outer seems not affected and fine.

You are obviously so fake,
You tend to back bite and shade.
You spread rumors and conspiracy,
Make flowers become colorless disgracefully.

You are so sneaky,
You make happiness leave in agony.
You play tricks with minds,
You live everywhere, million places at a time.

You are a scarlet fire,
You take control of burning desire.
You put people in danger and set the trap,
Introduce hate to make their mind snap.

You are so dangerous,
You make people feel insecure and anxious.
You live to make people compete,
Control minds not to accept defeat.