We had our challenges and share of pain,
Walked around with dark clouds and through the rain.
You were supposed to lean on me and I would lean on you,
We promised, together, we would get this through.

But, I didn’t always know your destination & where you were going,
where your heart belonged with all those options you were having.
It wasn’t easy to hang on to the promises and songs of yesterday,
I ended up being the debris caused by your hurricane today.

I couldn’t do anything to make you wanna stay,
Your heart made up its mind what can I say?
I can’t tie your heart or do anything wrong,
What is the point of my teardrop as I’m not where you belong.

I would never hate you even though I tried,
I loved you too much and for too long to fight.
It ain’t always a bad thing saying goodbye & pretending to be fine,
I fell in love and you didn’t so no point in wasting our time.