[lead]As a parent, the responsibility of helping your child with learning and reading lies completely on your shoulders. It’s a beautiful experience to go through, and you can further enhance the pleasures and worth of your experience by implementing the following guidelines.[/lead]

Choose a Peaceful and Quiet Time

Set aside a peaceful time for reading with no distractions or interruptions. Always choose such a time when your child is willing to get indulged in reading. A daily reading activity of fifteen or twenty minutes is sufficient for a day.

Make Reading a Pleasurable Experience

Don’t ever make reading a burden for your child. If your kid wants to continue some other activity, never force your child to read. This will make them reluctant and resentful towards reading and they will develop a general dislike towards it which can be quite harmful for their mental growth in the long run.

Retain the Flow

It’s important to retain the flow of reading in order to maintain your child’s interest. If you constantly interrupt the procedure at every mispronunciation or any other mistake, it’s bound to annoy your child and they will lose their interest and become irritable. It’s recommended to let them finish a chapter, then point out their errors in a polite and friendly manner.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

If your child repeats a mistake constantly or is being reluctant to see the error in their ways, don’t ever lose your patience. Instead of being loud and harsh, adopt a ‘let’s correct it together’ attitude. Also, shower your child with constant praises even at the smallest accomplishments.

Don’t Overburden Your Child

Some parents get too enthusiastic and make their kids read complex books which are quite difficult for their age. The child can’t grasp the meaning then and the flow of reading is lost. This shatters the child’s confidence; they become stubborn and lose interest in reading.

Pay Visits to the Library

Take your child to the public library and let them choose the books of their interest. You can also introduce them to different genres of literature in order to diversify their interest.

Give Feedback

If your child goes to school, then they must have maintained a reading diary. Make sure your child sticks to the diary’s timetable and read accordingly. Let your child read for you and flatter them with positive feedback. Always remember, flattery is the most impactful motivation.

Discuss the Books with Your Child

If you want your child to become a real reader, then along with emphasizing on the flow of reading and pronunciation of words, make your child understand the meaning of the content. Discuss the books with your child. Ask them about the plot, their favorite characters and reasons for their likes and dislikes. This will enhance your child’s interest in comprehending the meaning of literature and their enthusiasm for books will increase exponentially.

Go Beyond Story Books

If you limit your child to story books, they might become bored and disinterested soon. So broaden the horizon with comics, picture books, poetry, magazines and whatever feels suitable.
We hope you find these tips useful to transform your kids into exceptional readers! Happy reading!