Broken homes and strained relationships have become extremely common in today’s age and time. The prime factor for this friction and unfulfilling personal life is our negligence towards proper family time. We’re all so busy with our demanding work responsibilities that we fail to seek the pleasures of family bonding and togetherness. Hence, let’s take a break from our robotic lives and adopt essential ways to find proper time for our loved ones.

Set Your Priorities Straight

First of all, make a comprehensive list of your personal commitments and prioritize them. This can be a tricky job but remember, life is all about making hard choices. Make sure that spending proper time with your spouse and kids tops the list of your personal commitments.

Cancel Unnecessary Tasks

Shorten your list of responsibilities by eliminating the tasks which don’t hold any substantial value, such as attending a social event, excessive partying with friends and so on. Dedicate this extra time to your family.

Make Proper Appointments of Family Time

Now that you have some free time in your life, make a schedule to spend this time with your family. For instance, spend twenty minutes every evening with your spouse right after coming back from work, arrange a weekly date with your spouse, read for your child every night, go for a walk every evening with your entire family and so on. Most importantly, don’t ever cancel your personal commitments.

Get Your Important Stuff Out Of The Way

Figure out your most essential work responsibilities and get them done first. Otherwise, the important stuff keeps getting delayed for the latter part of the day and subsequently, you end up working till late hours in the office.

Compile the Small Stuff

Don’t get interrupted constantly during your work by answering phone calls or checking your emails. Pile up this stuff and do it during the lunch hour or tea break.

Realize That You Don’t Have Superhuman Capabilities

It’s a general fact that work never gets finished. There will always be something left to do at the end of the day. So just learn to accept that incomplete work and realize that you weren’t just born to make a living but to live your life as well!

Spend Less Time Watching Television

Many people are habitual of watching television for hours after work. This really takes a toll on their personal lives. Allocate reasonable time for television such as one or two hours per day.

Limit Your Net Surfing Time

Spend less time on mundane online activities such as surfing through social networking sites, reading online magazines and books, chatting with internet friends and so on. Direct your time and focus on more significant activities.

Start Your Work Early

You’ll be amazed to witness an exponential increase in your work productivity if you start your day an hour or two early. Early working hours have less distractions and interruptions. You can also compromise your lunch break to take an early off from the office to spend time with your family occasionally.
Always remember, money has never been a source of true happiness and peace in the later years of a person’s life. It’s always the warmth and affection of a family which matters the most in the long run. So make your family your first priority from today onwards so that you don’t end up regretting your decisions later.