I’m not good at leaving,
Even while it’s a nightmare for staying.
I couldn’t be like swirling wild wind,
Disappearing after the strong cyclone.

I’m not good at walking out the door,
Hoping everything would come along.
I was patient and stuck around too long,
I had feelings deep inside my soul.

I’m not good at packing up my car,
tried a few times but couldn’t go far.
My resistance never been that strong,
I tried but couldn’t be the rolling-stone.

I’m not good at freeing up my feelings,
I don’t know if I can keep pretending.
It’s hard to hold all my pain inside,
heart cant take this beating and shine.

I don’t know if I will stand tall tomorrow,
My heart has wounds that heal slow.
Through the pathway of my sorrow,
Hope I can go far beyond my shadow.