I traveled around to see the northern lights,
I waited many nights to see how it glows so bright.
I roamed around the world coast to coast,
I’ve been everywhere my heart could go.

I took the wrong turns quite a few times,
lost my paths and wasted parts of my life.
I have stumbled on many occasions,
And broke my heart and left with scars.

I walked through many forests and crossed many seas,
Searched a lot but couldn’t find you peace.
I got tired wandering around all alone,
I wished my tired heart would find another zone.

Even though my heart has wounds and scars,
don’t wanna live wishing on the same star.
My wounds would heal if you would pull me,
I’m not sure if you are really thinking about me.
I’ve been really high, I’ve been so low,
Peace, can you be like sunrise and glow?