You knew It’s been a long time coming
Still it can take a while before it starts to sink in
You try to put your best face forward to prevent it
Fake one smile after another and just pretended
You were just ignoring and putting off the pain
You thought, for roots to grow, they need some rain

When you’re sure that Nothing is ever really gonna change
You better have some time alone even though it’s strange
A heavy price you are bound to pay as time, efforts all wasted
And there’s really nothing you can do about it but regret
It may hurt to your heart and it may bleed
You may not want but, distance, it’s what you need

When you try to dance with the devil under the moonlight
You have to get used to some dark scary nights
You would feel stuck in a cage while birds are flying in the sky
Eventually the weather will start changing right before your eyes
Time heals everything as obstacles will start disappearing
Dark clouds that had you blind will start showing silver lining