You seem always floating in the sky,
playing hide and seek with the clouds and fly.
Soaring among the stars in the dark night
When you disappear, I miss you and your light.

From our first sight, I desired you with such a longing
To be with you when darkness around me is looming.
Just to stay with you, I have sailed in all directions
I got lost many times while following your reflection.

I followed your path till the sky eventually ran out
Followed you relentlessly until I was worn-out.
I followed your love till i felt empty and hollow
I didn’t know my destination and about tomorrow.

I was a little lost but reached home after wandering
I was lonely and looked for your lights in the gloaming.
You appeared but looked a little tired and faded
With your scars, you looked lonely and jaded.

I was heading towards the north to see the mountains,
Went through the hills and the heartaches.
Roads were getting dark and night getting cold,
I was looking for your light as I didn’t feel very bold.