What is misery?
Not being able to taste freedom?
Not being able to have a frontier to walk upon?
living under the occupation in an open-air prison?
Or getting evicted, destroyed, and killed so we are gone?

What is misery?
Not being able to Exist?
Losing homes, land, and belongings by the zionists?
Getting violated, tortured, and raped, by the fascists?
Or Getting ignored by the world that they still exist?

What is misery?
Not being able to resist?
Getting pushed against the wall by the gunpoint and by their fist,
Not getting food, water, and electricity to survive?
Or getting bombed on hospitals, schools, and churches so they can’t thrive?

What is misery?
Not being used to giving up so easily?
Being brave and still dreaming to breathe freely?
Not giving up hope as people are waking up and protesting?
Or having the determination to exist despite all US funding?