Many times that thought crossed my mind,
So terrified of the journey as every time I felt like a blind.
On dark nights, I toss and turn till morning,
my heart is weary, restless and it kept me thinking.
my mind goes to places I really prefer not to go,
I end up going through the fire and smoke.

I paint a little streak on the blue sky,
Spread my wings, take flight and fly.
I fight and race with the strong wind,
Just to see how high it can take me and spin.
Leaving all good, bad, and misery,
fly like the soaring bird above a valley.

I thought of waking up and leaving without any warning,
While outside autumn leaves are quietly falling.
I would see the sun, I would see the bright day,
I have been waiting for the dark night to fades away.
But time doesn’t pass in the dark while thinking deeply,
Oh Lord, help me go back to sleep as I can’t handle this misery.

I thought I’m going to sail through the rough sea,
But I’m lost in the middle and shoreline I can’t see.
I was caught up in the storms that were hard to face,
Just trying to float upon the ripples and the waves.
It’s breaking me down and not sure how long I can fight,
I’m keeping my hope alive while praying with my hands tight.