poem / May 9, 2021 / by Himel Uddin


I remember those days like strange memories
Up above my head, clouds used to run free
Sky used to dance and play hide and seek
I never felt it was hanging so far from my reach
Sky, I always felt you so close even being worlds away
Wondered why you often cry sad, drop rains and walk away?

I didn’t forget about those crazy dreams
When I used to fly around the sky in my sleep
Swimming through clouds were so much fun and lovely
Felt like endless portraits made of white cotton candy
Sky, I tried to reach you and flew deep and deeper
I felt your emptiness and saw how lonely you were

Nowadays I miss those dreams and you don’t seem lonely
With stars and moon sometimes you look happy
Even among crowded billions down here I feel lonely
Your superficial surface where I could fly and breathe freely
Sky, I’m running miles after miles as I can see you from a distance
I just have to cross the ocean and climb few more mountains

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  • A’nji May 10, 2021

    My dear friend didn’t realize you were a fellow Poet, I’m happy to know that you are and that the sky also speaks to you in ways that are beautiful enough to share with others.

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