Writing SEO friendly web content doesn’t just mean strategically placing your keywords within the body of text. There is more to that! But before proceeding let us discuss the types of keywords phrases and get familiar with few important terms.

Types Of Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases are mainly of two types – Primary and Secondary.

Primary Keyword Phrases

Primary keywords are the one or two words that are given the most importance when optimizing a web page or while describing a product. They appear on the most vital areas of the webpage like the header, footer, and anchor text. Primary keywords should be repeated with a certain amount of keyword density throughout the page. Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

Secondary Keyword Phrases

Other phrases which are of lesser importance and are used less frequently than the primary keyword phrases are called the secondary keyword phrases.

Tips And Tricks

Here are some of the tips and tricks you can consider while developing web content which will help to draw more traffic and links to your website:

  • Write relevant, informative, interesting contentThe true value of optimized content is building a piece of work that gets links from external sources and websites. So, develop content that is fun to read, relevant, and informative. A search engine looks for informative, resourceful content that keeps a reader engaged and draws more interest or traffic.
  • Pick a target phraseWhen using search engine optimization, you need to determine one phrase that describes what your page is about. This is called your target phrase and it conveys the important part of the page information. If your page is about dog food, then your target phrase should include “dog food” and not just the word “dog”. Also, it should be the phrase that is most likely searched. For example, more people search for “dog food” than “dog chow”. So, “dog food” is a better choice as a target phrase.

Use search engine optimization tools to find good target phrases

  • Overture is a great tool for assessing popularity as well as brainstorming ideas for target phrases.
  • Google is popular for brainstorming target phrases.
  • Wordtracker can help you assess popularity and also compare how your competitors use the target phrase you are using.

Analyze the target phrase popularity

Check Yahoo and Google to see what shows up when you search for your target phrase.
Examine the first page of the search result and note where and how your target phrase has been used. Remember that a more popular target phrase has more competition. Sometimes it makes sense to target a less popular phrase without sacrificing the importance of the phrase itself.

Use keywords and target phrases strategically

You should not overload your content with the same keyword(s) through repeated use. Phrases should sound natural and should provide true editorial value. Keywords should also be denser towards the top of the article. Use the primary keywords and target phrases in the title, first sentence, links, and subheadings of your content.

The above suggestions will help you in Keyword research and will help you to draw targeted traffic towards your website.