Children can be mischievous and annoying sometimes, and the ever so hectic day at work, it’s quite difficult for anyone to control their anger. As according to the tradition that our forefathers always accepted, hitting or physically punishing the child apparently does the work, but in actuality, it just keeps making things worse. Hitting a child or physically punishing them leaves mental side effects on their minds. Here are some reasons why

  1. When you hit your child, they build up their mind to the concept that only physical or harsh verbal punishment can solve problems. As they grow up, they tend to be more violent and hit their friends at schools. Research has shown that most of the kids who bully other kids at the school are bullied by their parents at home.

  2. Hitting your child devalues them. The way others, especially the parents, percieves the child plays a huge rile in the creation of the self-image of the child. If parents keep spanking them or hitting them, they create a bad self-image of themselves. They question themselves if they’re actually really bad, which leads to low self esteem, low self confidence and low strength.

  3. once you start hitting your child, you might not know when to stop. In many of the cases, adults are frequently seemed to be hyperly angry for a longer amount of time and thus they pour all their anger and frustration on their kids in change of a certain, obviously innocent, mistakes. You hit them today, you hit them more tomorrow, and it just doesn’t stop. In worse cases, you might start abusing your child, which is no straight or bent way is a good thing.

  4. Abusive hitting can have very harsh long term side effects. Reseachers have shown that children who grow up in homes or schools with a lot of corporal punishments tend to be more anti social and egocentric. They are lonely and not soically open, which have chances of leading to depression, anxiety and other various bad mental sitations.

  5. How a child is raised in a family plays a huge role in determining what kind of character he owns when he grows up.Compared to the men who were raised in a sound, nuturing and non violents homes, men who are raised in a violent home are 6 times more likely to hit and abuse their wives.More than 1 out of 4 parents who had grown up in a violent home were violent enough to risk seriously injuring their child.Studies of prison populations show that most violent criminals grew up in a violent home environment.The life history of notorious, violent criminals, murderers, muggers, rapists, etc., are likely to show a history of excessive physical discipline in childhood.