It never felt so strange,
Our world certainly has changed.
Our blue sky faded to gray,
Humanity and kindness gone away.

We are so divided more than ever,
Racism was trump card just to get to power.
Don’t know how we got played so badly,
And how will we find our way to a recovery.

We are wrangled with race and religion,
Letting Hyenas ruling our nation.
They are dividing and making fool of us,
Hating and killing made part of us.

Some bad apples taking advantage of power,
Brutality keep happening against people of color.
Strangling and kneeling on the neck is a common thing,
Dark color of your skin is what making them burning.

We started judging books by its cover,
Giving priority to religious believes and skin colors.
Who cares if poor Brothers can’t breathe and dying,
They have divider in chief in power for their backing.

Humanity, You left us so high and dry,
Hope you are not taking revenge to make us cry.
We really need you back so desperately,
Before we destroy ourselves completely.