We don’t feel the same way we used to,
the sky turned gray…it’s no longer blue.
we don’t live the same way we used to,
ducked our heads hoping the storm blows through.

wish we could say goodbye to the gray skies,
wish we could bring back the usual blue skies.

We don’t feel sunrise greeting us like it used to,
wondering about our days how to get through.
the sunset not painting the sky like it used to,
the sun crashing into the ocean and sinking through.

wish we could glow like sunshine to spread hope
wish we could paint the sky while the sun sets.

We don’t see the moonlight like we used to,
darkness has swallowed us…hoping it’s not true.
we don’t dream anymore like we used to,
Why the sky is pouring so sadly…don’t have a clue.

Wish we could say goodbye to all darkness,
Wish we could wipe away all the tears.